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For the Nigerian TV...

...George Thomas has been assigned to shoot a television report on an UNIDO-Conference in the UNO-City in Vienna .


Vanthomas goes international...

Schau TV... a new client of George Thomas. His reports will be added to the news program and into other "Schau Media" tv-formats.

"My Jurassic Place"

 At the time the shooting of the US-feature film „My Jurassic Place“ is taking place in Lower Austria where George Thomas, as a camera operator, is part of the Austrian crew. The list of cast shows stars like Paul Sorvino ("Good Fellas") and Erwin Leder ("Das Boot"). Following the Los Angeles premiere in fall 2018 „My Jurassic Place“ will be lauched in theaters everywhere.


At the set of "My Jurassic Place"

For ORF (Austrian National Television)...

we have shot an episode on the ongoing dramatic situation of refugies, stranded in a Viennese shelter (watch in "REELS")


Report: Michael Ellenbogen

Camera: George Thomas

On Loc. Sound: David Thomas

Editing: Günther Danninger

For the Short Feature "L´Atelier"…

…George Thomas was assigned as Camera Operator/DP. The movie was shot with own Equipment (Cine Alta) with 24p in widescreen. It was directed by Flo Convey. The Location for this Comedy was  a Viennese Art Gallery (watch in "REELS")

Tom Strasser Music Clip...

On June, 1st 2014 the Tom Strasser Music Clip was shot in a vienese Studio. The director was Oliver Woess, George Thomas operated the camera. The clip was shot on a "RED Epic" in a greenbox. As a background footage, Oliver Voess has chosen motives from Amnesty International and Greenpeace. The primary screening was in September 2014 in Vienna (watch in "REELS"). 

Ina-Alice Kopp...

...a "Rising Star" in Hollywood! We´ve shot a portrait for "Servus-TV" about the Austrian movie star und model living in her apartment right oposite the Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame (watch in "REELS").


numerous US-American, Dutch and German Broadcasters, George Thomas covered the "Life Ball 2015"

(watch in "REELS")

Back again in Hollywood...

George Thomas will frequently produce and shoot episodes from the megacity at the pacific ocean for different television formats to be shown on German language channels. 


Hollywood... more than a simple location in the western area of the United States. Hollywood is a feeling, a mental experience of sun, endless rows of palmtrees, Boulevards, touching sunsets, the ocean, surving, impressing houses with large entry doors, expensive shops on “Rodeo Drive“, the “Walk Of Fame“ and stars – stars – stars!


“Hollywood Affairs“... the time, is the working title for 3-5 minute uncut program for the “montage“ in already existing or planned german-speaking society television magazines, accompanied credited Hollywood-correspondents. Because of their nearly unrestricted access to stars various kinds, here and there, exciting home stories will arise. Other than usual society-contents, we also want to look into the peripheral life of our stars document this with pictures and reports. The benefit for broadcasters will be, that they do not depend on archives anymore, one can order exactly the material needed for almost the same price.


"The Lying Giant":

Just a few miles away from the Lago Maggiore an untouched landscape of the Alps is located – the Sesia Valley. The Sesia is the last undeveloped river in Italy and canoe drivers frequently meet there for breakneck rides. No one of them knows on what high explosive terretory they are. Since quite a long time it is known that the material below is of volcanic origion, but only recently a team of sientists took a closer look to this area. The result was astounding. 300 million years ago, a super volcano break out there with a gigantic explosion. At that time, in the age of perm, the dinosaur did not rule the earth and Europe had not long assumed it´s present form.


“Viewtour“ is a video-on-demand online platform for travel programs, where their contents go far behind usual travel videos. The basic idea is to provide an additional, outstanding medium to travel agents, hotels, airlines and cruises not only on the “Viewtour“-page but also on their own internet- and booking pages. This project should animate the consumer intesively to plan certain travels.



“What If“ - an exciting feature-documentary-series

What if...

...the known meteorite would have missed our blue planet earth 60 million years ago and the dinosours would not have been extincted? What would have happened to menkind intelligence? Would reptiles step into our place?


...two roman historians would not report, as the only contemporaries, about the execution of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago?


...Charles Lindbergh, who was known as devoted to the Third Reich, would have really become president of the United States? How would has history changed?


(Numerous contents are in preparation and will follow!)